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Permanent positions

Reliable offers a full range of staffing services designed to meet the changing employment environment. We employ full time recruiting specialists guaranteeing that you will be provided with the best talent from all over the world. Below are the few differentiating factors which make us stand apart from the rest of the manpower consultants and place us at a distinguishable position to close the manpower requirements within the Turn Around Time.

Our Permanent Hire Solutions are a perfect solution for companies who need to hire technical resources but are short of time and recruiting resources.

Team composition

Unlike many other consultants, our team at Reliable is a right mix of industry cum recruitment expertise. All our Vertical Heads are HR/ Technical professionals with rich experience from the respective Industry. This ensures immense knowledge base within the respective team to understand the clients requirements in a much better way and to pick up the right strategy in identifying the best talent available in the market and close the positions.

Social media hiring

With the increasing social media awareness, we at Reliable are very active on all social media related networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut etc. Often, there are many potential candidates who would not be available on regular job portals which many consultants rely on. Hence, our team focuses more on social media network to dig out the best hidden talent for our clients.


We at Reliable are relationship oriented in our approach hence we focus on a very strong referral channel, which helps us in head hunting the right person.

Tie Ups and Associations

This ensures that the right kind of candidate can be tapped at the early stage so that the pool of people to be picked is fresh and untapped.